Wednesday, October 21, 2009


What a fun time we had with all the babies and family at the Harkers house.
We loved it and so did the kids, they are so excited to be getting lots of cousins on the Harker side now.
Brody loved helping Eva to be happy. Jenna liked helping Grandma Harker make noodles and Owen loved to crawl anywhere and every where.

Jenna and Brody loved wearing these traditional Korean outfits that Russ brought back from his mission to Korea. They danced around forever in them. Brody also like to do karate moves in his outfit.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dance Time

Jenna just had her first dance class ever. I was so proud of her. At the end of the class we got to watch them dance and show us what they learned. I was almost crying, Jenna was so cute, she was concentrating so much and had learned the dance very well.

Jenna and Elysse will have so much fun this year doing dance.
And of course when it was over Brody asked "is it my turn now?"

Sunday, September 6, 2009

End of Summer

End of summer means soccer finishes. Our team did awesome this year, we finished in first place. Thanks everyone for a fun time. I always love going to soccer and pretending I'm young again, even when my husband and 3 kids come to watch me.

So I decided to take some end of the summer pictures. I don't have first day of school pictures because none of my kids are in school so this will do for now.
Owen actually sat by himself for about 20 seconds so I could take his picture, I was sure he was going to nose dive, but he didn't.
I was trying to get Brody to pose by the fence, but there seemed to be something on his arm. He is such a funny guy. Jenna gladly posed for a long while until she got bored.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

So this is my first ever attempt to refinish anything. I think it turned out pretty good. We were given the kitchen table and chairs for free about a year ago. Yes it takes me a long time to get at certain projects. Well finally, thanks to grandparents who take my children away for a few days, I was able to do this.
The sanding was the hardest, to get off all the old paint and stain. Then stained it and put multiple coats of clear lacquer on to make it shine. I got fabric and clear plastic vinyl at the fabric store. Everything cost $30 for the stain and fabric. Super cheap. Well maybe not... when I was bringing the new table into our house (all by myself) it slipped and broke the glass window that is beside our front door. So really this table might have cost me a little more than $30, we'll see how much it costs to fix the glass.
Thanks to my mom for letting me use her driveway for 3 days and putting up with me being there alot and eating her food.
And a special thanks to little Owen for being an angel baby while I was working hard. He honestly was so content the whole time. I love him sooooo much.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brody's new thing is fixing things. He is so cute when he's doing it. He enjoys playing with little tools, I guess we know what to get him for his birthday or Christmas.
Congrats Brian and Ashton we are so excited to have our final sister marry into the Harker clan. We love you both.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Little Eva

We are so happy that little Eva is part of our Harker Family now. Karen and Matt she is so precious. We are excited to see her grow up and learn new things, hopefully Owen and her won't be too much trouble when they get together as cousins. We know she is a little angel sent from our Heavenly Father.
Brody and Jenna love her too. Brody gave Eva all his stuffed animals and apparently she liked them cause she went to sleep. Sooooooo cute.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer time fun

For part of the time I was carrying Owen and Jenna, she would not let me out of her site and she had tired legs and didn't want anyone else to hold her. Needless to say I got a good workout that day.

Jay and Brody half way up our hike, Brody still happy and excited to be outdoors and also happy to be carried most of the way up in a hiking backpack.

Classic Waterton picture.

I have a picture like this of me and my brother Dave when we were about this age.
This is Jenna and Brody on the trolley car that goes over the high-level bridge. We had so much fun.